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CGC1505565 / LEED AP / CGP

Matthew J. Montgomery and one the custom homes built by GroundStone.

“We must stop building for the sake of building, and look to our existing structures and boutique neighborhoods as to how we all can reuse, redevelop and recycle what we currently have, and transform the existing into a better more sustainable and desirable future for our neighborhoods and communities.”

This assertion stems from over 20 years experience in sustainable construction and real estate development. Matthew J. Montgomery knows and understands that now is the time to make the right decisions for the future of the construction and development industries.

Matthew, a University of Florida graduate in construction management, has worked with some of the largest residential and commercial builders in South Florida, where he learned how to combine the best of a large company with the extensive local knowledge and flexibility of a smaller private builder.

In 1996, Matthew became the Vice President of Construction & Land Acquisition for Sterling Communities. It is in this capacity Matthew created a successful new division in luxury custom homes that focused on the lucrative in-fill market. It was this concept of in-fill development that inspired Matthew to take a deeper look as to what the true responsibilities were for a developer in South Florida. This is where Matthew realized that developers needed to refocus their priorities. No longer should builders build just for the sake of building. It is the builder’s responsibility to develop responsibly with long term and social conscious outcomes in mind.

Taking these concepts as lessons learned, Matthew created GroundStone Inc. His feelings are that social and sustainable building and redevelopment are integral to revitalizing communities that have been left by the wayside of irresponsible building. Since 2010, GroundStone has expanded from South Florida into the North Carolina Triangle Region, staying true to the company’s vision with each new community. It is Matthew’s mission to bring back the concept of community to boutique neighborhoods by focusing on the triple bottom line – People, Planet, Profits.

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