At Groundstone Homes, we have a passion for not just building homes, but making homes beautiful. A renovation of your existing home allows you to update the spaces you’ve come to love with a fresh new look and modern functionality. You’ll get a whole new home without the cost of buying one.

Renovations can be a huge inconvenience in your life. We understand the disruption a home renovation can cause which is why we always have a plan for minimizing the impact on your day-to-day life. From the start or your renovation project, we will go through every aspect of the plan step-by-step and discuss upfront how to handle the short term inconvenience of construction in your home. At Groundstone, we take great care to maintain a safe, clean environment throughout your renovation. Our renovation process is just a smaller scale version of our custom home process with communication a key element in a smooth project timeline . We know we are working in your home so we make extra sure you know where and when we’ll be working and the impact on you.

Whether you are updating one room, adding to your home, converting basement, loft or garage space or planning a whole house renovation, out team works hard to complete your project and quickly and hassle-free as possible.