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GroundStone Ventures Inc. was recently formed as a successor company to GroundStone, Inc. Over the past seventeen years, the GroundStone name has been synonymous with value, excellence, and reliability. With the formation of GroundStone Ventures Inc. , management has created a vehicle that will afford it greater financial flexibility, while offering its shareholders an unprecedented opportunity to participate in its growth.

Enjoying the resort-style pool at the Bay Colony condominium community in Juno Beach.


GroundStone Ventures Inc. is creating a vehicle that will be attractive to the average investor. Our goal is to build and increase shareholder value by developing, managing, renting and improving properties with an eye towards meeting our stringent investment criteria.
While many private and public companies choose to be treated as a real estate investment trust (REIT), the structure that we have chosen will afford us the necessary flexibility to maximize returns for our shareholders.


GroundStone Ventures Inc. will focus on projects that range from from a low of 2 million dollars to a high of a hundred million dollars. Larger real estate companies avoid these smaller projects due to the Company’s high overhead and infrastructure costs. However GroundStone Ventures is structured to focus on this underserved niche. We will generate higher IRRs for our shareholders while exposing the Company to less risk.


We have established stringent investment standards and we will identify key business opportunities in the following sectors:

Enjoying the resort-style pool at the Bay Colony condominium community in Juno Beach.
  • Land Acquisition, Entitlement, and development
  • Homes, Including Custom and Condo
  • Commercial and Industrial Uses
  • Property Management/Concierge
  • Construction Management
  • Multi-Family Rental
  • Senior Living
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Urban/Infill
  • Community/Non-profit

We welcome hearing from you. Whether it be for a spirited discussion of investment strategies, investment opportunities, or in the potential for corporate partnerships, GroundStone Ventures would like to discuss your ideas.

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