About Us


GroundStone’s mission is to promote and develop sustainable, eco-friendly spaces and communities, nurturing the ability to Create. Live. Prosper.

We are dedicated to creating sustainable, eco-conscious urban, boutique, and suburban communities. By understanding the history, character, and strengths of each community, GroundStone implements their social mission approach to community development, resulting in a demand-driven, organic community development plan which nurtures a sustainable and vibrant neighborhood energy. By paying close mind to the triple bottom line — a concept of three pillars that focuses on People, Planet, Profits — we are able to cultivate community’s that flourish for generations.

The Marketplace

Society is constantly evolving. This evolution directly influences the types of communities and spaces where people want to create, live, and prosper. How we respond to these changes plays a vital role in shaping a sustainable future for the world. Several areas greatly impacting the marketplace are: changing consumer demographics, emerging technologies and the mobile workplace, and environmental sustainability. Each contributes to the growing market demand for a new and innovative approach to our built environment.

OUR Approach

Improving Community And Sustainability Through Sustainable Building And Living.

Our project approach is centered on a social mission of improving community and sustainability through sustainable building and living, leveraging social media and technology, and respecting and abiding by the triple bottom line. This is all accomplished through an organic approach rather than an authoritative, “We will tell you what you want” mentality.

It is apparent that the current approach to real estate and the built environment is not sustainable. The current trend of suburban sprawl cannot be continued indefinitely. Through a combination of redeveloping our underutilized “Boutique Neighborhoods” and a more diverse development approach in our suburban communities, we have the opportunity to move in a new direction. Attributes these communities have such as: location, existing infrastructure, higher density, proximity to transit, attractive public space, and planning on a more human scale, can be utilized to recreate these neighborhoods as an example of sustainable, environmentally-friendly communities where people can create, live, and prosper.

With sustainable redevelopment in mind, GroundStone focuses on improving communities and caters to the needs of the surrounding residents. But when the construction is done, the job is not. It is just beginning.

• We build to meet community needs, not for the sake of building
• We believe strongly in blending educational components to our projects
• We support the cultural arts in our projects
• We incorporate a triple bottom line approach (people, planet, profit) in all of our ventures

Our mission requires special attention to detail. We assess each market on an individual basis, looking at their unique makeup and characteristics. This approach results in a blend of single and multi-family residential, commercial, retail, public space, and civic structures, all working together in an organic and harmonic community atmosphere.

CGC1505565 / LEED AP / CGP

The Team

“We must stop building for the sake of building, and look to our existing structures and boutique neighborhoods as to how we all can reuse, redevelop and recycle what we currently have, and transform the existing into a better more sustainable and desirable future for our neighborhoods and communities.”

This assertion stems from over 20 years experience in sustainable construction and real estate development. Matthew J. Montgomery knows and understands that now is the time to make the right decisions for the future of the construction and development industries.

Matthew, a University of Florida graduate in construction management, has worked with some of the largest residential and commercial builders in South Florida, where he learned how to combine the best of a large company with the extensive local knowledge and flexibility of a smaller private builder.

Robert came from a homebuilding & design family. His family owned and operated design centers in both Ohio and California. He studied Architecture at Owens College and relocated to Florida in 1987 and eventually opened Brandon Design (BDI) Architectural firm in 1989. Specializing in Luxury Residential, BDI grew to 17 employees and for 14 years designed over 7500 homes in South Florida for such national builders as…K.Hovanian, Toll Brothers, Centex and many more.

Robert’s creative mind was always working to improve the homebuyer and design experience and in 1994 created a software program system called, New Home Interactive, (NHI). This system allowed the buyer to choose their product selections with ease and make changes.

In 1997, Robert started a company called, Selections. This was a product selection service to homebuilders in their sales centers. Selections would train and employ designers to meet with the builder’s homebuyers and take them through the product selection process utilizing the NHI system.

In 2005, Robert joined with Matthew Montgomery who started Groundstone, Inc. (GS) Robert was tasked with design of new home communities. In 2010, Robert started One Ocean Drive Realty, and is now in charge of all sales, marketing and design for Groundstone Homes.

CGC1505565 / LEED AP / CGP